vrijdag 29 mei 2020

Thuiskomen, een mooie opgave in deze tijd van materiele begrenzingen

‘Coming Home’ is a metaphor used by Osho for a process of self-discovery, and he says

“Life is not a noun, remember; neither is death a noun. Life and death are both verbs. Existence is a verb; it is not a noun. Life is a process, death is a process. Who is being processed? Who is moving in this cart of two wheels? Who is the pilgrim? Who is it that goes on traveling through many forms? That essential mind, that no-mind, that mirrorlike quality, that witnessing has to be found in all the ways and through all the possibilities.

Every move in life has to be devoted to that inquiry, to that search. Only then does one come home, and without coming home you will remain discontented. You can have much money, you can have much power, but you will remain powerless, and you will remain a beggar.

The day you come to this originality of your being – to this man of no title, this ancientmost, the eternal one – that day you become an emperor. That day all is benediction. That day nothing is missing. And that day you will have a good laugh too because you will see that nothing was ever missing. You just got entangled in reflections. You got entangled with guests and you lost track of the host. Be the host.”

Bron: Osho International , may 2020

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