maandag 19 september 2022

het niveau, het nivo, het lage.


More and more people today are interested in the occult: they are searching for the secrets that will enable them to become powerful magicians. They think they will find these secrets in rites, talismans and magic formulas, and in spite of their total ignorance of the realities of the invisible world, they start evoking the spirits. Poor wretches! What they will find is psychic and even physical imbalance, for their spells will not be answered by higher spirits, but by entities of the lowest kind, elementals and larvae. Yes, this is the truth, the inexorable truth. Why? Because there is only one way to attract luminous spirits, angels and archangels, and that is to make continual progress in the spiritual life.
Heavenly entities will not help and encourage anyone who does not manifest purity, love, righteousness and truth. No one who lives an ordinary life can pierce the mysteries of the universe. The divine world distributes its blessings in proportion to our own efforts. There are always others who will give us the things we ask for – but at what cost! 

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

dinsdag 13 september 2022

al die hulp vragende kinderen toch.......

...daar is wat afgeofferd in het verleden. In volorde mensen, dieren, planten, geuren......en nu in het woord gebeden. Maar de grootste offerdaad is de innerlijke ongoden te weerstaan, dat jezelf te doen staat. Zelfs bidden begint ouderwets te worden.....Leer de juiste omgangsvormen van het Menszijn en het valt je toe.

The animal sacrifices mentioned in the Bible and the sacred books of all religions can be explained by knowledge the Ancients had concerning the liberation of energies and their use in magical rites. When the Old Testament says that the odour of burnt offerings rose as a pleasing incense before the Lord, it was simply a way of saying that the energies released from the animals’ bodies, and used by the priests, gave efficacy to their invocations. Incidentally, this has been the symbolic meaning of incense for centuries.
Then Jesus came and sought to lead human beings to a higher notion of sacrifice. Instead of immolating poor animals that had done nothing wrong, he taught people to immolate their inner animals – their lusts and passions and so on – for the sacrifice of these inner animals releases far more precious energies that can be used for spiritual work. 

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

zaterdag 10 september 2022

Zondagavond Gaia-Zoom; Planeetkrachten; dit zonnestelsel in relatie met het astrale lichaam


out of control


"onder - tussen de regels door"...daar gaat je afval dan......



Nederland dumpt grootschalig plasticafval in kwetsbare landen

211 miljoen kilo plasticafval ging er in 2021 vanuit Nederland naar kwetsbare landen, vooral naar Zuidoost-Azië.  Beeld ANP /  ANP
211 miljoen kilo plasticafval ging er in 2021 vanuit Nederland naar kwetsbare landen, vooral naar Zuidoost-Azië.Beeld ANP / ANP

Binnen Europa is Nederland de grootste exporteur van plasticafval naar arme landen. Die kunnen het niet verantwoord verwerken.


bewustere omgang wat er werkelijk toe doet!


 Never identify with your physical body, otherwise the idea of death will inevitably overcome you. The body is vulnerable, it weakens, gets sick and dies, and if you identify with it, if you look for nothing beyond it, you will always remain weak, sickly and lack-lustre until you disappear completely. Identify with your spirit, for the spirit is powerful, luminous, indestructible and immortal, and by identifying with it, you will begin to resemble it and become invulnerable. This is the advantage of a spiritual philosophy. Everything depends on how we understand things.
Unfortunately, for centuries, human beings have been fed with notions that weaken and destroy them – and they call this education! All those old ideas need to be replaced by new ideas, by life-giving ideas that empower, strengthen and uplift us so that we can come ever closer to the Deity. »

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

woensdag 7 september 2022

dus voordat je iemand wat vertelt........

 In Ancient Greece, Socrates had a great reputation of wisdom. One day, someone came to find the great philosopher and said to him:

"Do you know what I just heard about your friend?"
- "A moment", replied Socrates. Before you tell me, I would like to test you the three sieves.
"The three sieves?"
- "Yes, continued Socrates. Before telling anything about the others, it's good to take the time to filter what you mean. I call it the test of the three sieves. The first sieve is the TRUTH. Have you checked if what you're going to tell me is true?"
"No, I just heard it."
- "Very good! So, you don't know if it's true. We continue with the second sieve, that of KINDNESS. What you want to tell me about my friend, is it good?"
"Oh, no! On the contrary."
- So, questioned Socrates, "You want to tell me bad things about him and you're not even sure they're true? Maybe you can still pass the test of the third sieve, that of UTILITY. Is it useful that I know what you're going to tell me about this friend?
"No, really."
- So, concluded Socrates, "what you were going to tell me is neither true, nor good, nor useful. Why, then, did you want to tell me this?" 💭💡
"Gossip is a bad thing. In the beginning, it may seem enjoyable and fun, but in the end, it fills our hearts with bitterness and poisons us, too!" — Pope Francis

dinsdag 6 september 2022

de oudste eikvorm in Nederland maar niet het oudste boomwezen....


strand art op schiermonnikoog

 met dank aan Garda Meerdink c.c.

just look for them!

"There is a special kind of

person in this world who is

often misunderstood.
These people tend to be the
loners, the free spirits,
the innocent lovers.
They see the world for all
they can, and should be,
although the world rarely
sees them.
They are the old souls,
the dreamers, the people
in tune with life, so intuitive
of emotions that they frighten
They frighten us not because
of who they are, but because of
who we are not, what we lack.
Ancient souls reach depths
we cannot understand.
They have a connection with God,
with the Universe, with Nature,
and that's why they are the people
who will change the world.
We often feel inferior,
as if we have to strive to stay
remotely close to their level,
to be worthy of their love.
It takes a confident person
to love an old soul.
But it's worth it.
It will change your life.
They are romantic, they are loyal,
they help us grow, they are not
materialistic, they understand
the deep connections in life,
they are grateful, they are
examples of bravery.
They walk the most painful roads
of this life, and yet somehow they
find the courage to smile, often
selfless. Supporting others.
Loving an old soul and being loved
by one is a gift from the Universe."
🌙 Luiza Fletcher, When You Love
An Ancient Soul

maandag 5 september 2022

De ‘Slang van Schirnding’



Hey Dick,
De Slang van Schirnding doet me stilstaan bij de natuurkrachten in het algemeen die momenteel de mensen geselen met óf intense droogte óf zoals bijvoorbeeld in Pakistan immense overstromingen. Het Oervrouwelijke wordt door de mensen niet gezien, geliefd en geëerd en dan moet ze zich van haar destructieve kant laten zien.

(juiste analye m.i.)

zondag 4 september 2022

Waar komt het meeste Duitse gas nu vandaan en gemiddeld steigend: uit Nederland!


van 'opofferings gezindheid' naar 'ik-heid' naar......

                                        wie kent hem niet de journalist, John Jansen van Galen. 

De uitvinder van het ik-tijdperk: 'het was een bevrijding, maar had ook een keerzijde,  Het was 1979 en eindelijk mocht iedereen 'gewoon zichzelf zijn'. Deze bekende journalist schreef als eerste daar een boekje over! het eigenbelang kwam wel heel centraal te staan.

wo -MAN's talk


take it easy


zaterdag 3 september 2022

Digitale AI -kunst wint een prijs maar wat is eigenlijk dan nog menselijke kunst?


vertrouw vooral jeZelf

 “I don’t believe in health foods or diets either. I have probably been eating all of the wrong things all of my life — and I have thrived on it. I eat to enjoy my food. Whatever I do I do first for enjoyment.

I don’t believe in regular check-ups. If there is something wrong with me, I’d rather not know about it, because then I could only worry about it and aggravate the condition.
Nature often remedies our ills better than the doctor can.
I don’t believe there is a prescription for a long life. Besides, who wants to live to be a hundred? What’s the point of it?
A short life and a merry one is far better than a long life sustained by fear, caution and perpetual medical surveillance. With all the progress medicine has made over the years we still have a pantheon of incurable diseases. The germs and microbes seem to have the last word always.
When all else fails the surgeon steps in, cuts us to pieces, and clears us out of our last penny. And that’s progress for you.”
Henry Miller, amerikaans schrijver, rebel (1891 -1980)

Zondagavond: de 76e Gaia Ontmoeting via Zoom: Het astrale lichaam