dinsdag 6 september 2022

just look for them!

"There is a special kind of

person in this world who is

often misunderstood.
These people tend to be the
loners, the free spirits,
the innocent lovers.
They see the world for all
they can, and should be,
although the world rarely
sees them.
They are the old souls,
the dreamers, the people
in tune with life, so intuitive
of emotions that they frighten
They frighten us not because
of who they are, but because of
who we are not, what we lack.
Ancient souls reach depths
we cannot understand.
They have a connection with God,
with the Universe, with Nature,
and that's why they are the people
who will change the world.
We often feel inferior,
as if we have to strive to stay
remotely close to their level,
to be worthy of their love.
It takes a confident person
to love an old soul.
But it's worth it.
It will change your life.
They are romantic, they are loyal,
they help us grow, they are not
materialistic, they understand
the deep connections in life,
they are grateful, they are
examples of bravery.
They walk the most painful roads
of this life, and yet somehow they
find the courage to smile, often
selfless. Supporting others.
Loving an old soul and being loved
by one is a gift from the Universe."
🌙 Luiza Fletcher, When You Love
An Ancient Soul

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