zondag 16 mei 2021



God has given inertia to matter and impetus to the spirit, and human beings are placed between the two. They are outwardly covered with matter, but the spirit dwells within them. This means that they are subject to a twofold influence: at times they are animated by the spirit, and at others, matter tries to engulf them and drag them back to primeval chaos.
Humans must constantly struggle to remain inwardly active so that the currents may flow; if they give in to inertia they become a swamp. This is what happens to people who do no intellectual, spiritual or divine work – they become foul-smelling bogs infested with tadpoles, frogs and bugs. Whereas those who are enlightened, well directed and guided not only take care never to repress the spirit, but open all their doors to it. And once the spirit is king, it begins to pacify, harmonize, vivify and illuminate the whole of their being. 

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

zaterdag 15 mei 2021

eens groeiden er op aarde reuzen bomen


The Fabulous Weird Trotter
Fossil trees that have come close to today's tallest redwood heights have been found in northern Thailand. The longest of the petrified log measures 72.2 meters (237 feet), suggesting the original tree towered more than 100 meters (330 feet) in a humid tropical forest about 800,000 years ago.

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Her Story van het Wierden landschap; zoom lezing


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vrijdag 14 mei 2021

Het Noorden in het Noorden van "Dijkland"


wees je nog meer bewust waar de 'goedkope' dwangarbeid Chinese zonnepanelen gemaakt worden!!!


Solar panels are key to Biden's energy plan. But the global supply chain may rely on forced labor from China

 May 14, 2021

China's Xinjiang region has evolved over the past two decades into a major production hub for many of the companies that supply the world with parts needed to build solar panels.

But new research suggests that much of that work could rely on the exploitation of the region's Uyghur population and other ethnic and religious minorities, potentially tainting a significant portion of the global supply chain for a renewable energy source critical to combating the climate crisis.
The report published Friday — titled "In Broad Daylight: Uyghur Forced Labor and Global Solar Supply Chains" — presents evidence of a troubling reality: that components for clean energy may be created with dirty coal and forced labor. An advance copy of the report was shared exclusively with CNN Business.

donderdag 13 mei 2021

Klooster ter nagedachtenis van de gevallenene van het bisschoppelijke leger in 1227. Wel op een andere plek.



waar is het Paradijs?

In Glastonbury waar ik meer dan 10 jaar jaarlijks verbleef heb je Paradise Lane, een fraaie holle weg met eeuwenoude bomen en een subtiel magische elementale sfeer. 

Paradijs is voor mij daar waar hemel en aarde elkaar raken, als destijds in het oude Avalon plaatsvond, een hemel op Aarde.

Wat zegt de apostel Thomas daarover?

het is Over Al

Doorbreek de cyclus van pijn met nog meer pijn vergelden in deze grote karmische armageddon poel


het regent hier in Duitsland op Hemelvaartsdag, 
terwijl daar de vonken over en weer springen. 
Laat het subtiele zegenende hemelwater de aarde daar  tot rust mogen brengen..

idioot zoekend naar geluks ervaringen: flights to nowhere!