dinsdag 23 september 2014

Interne waarden toekomst?

"At some point we are going to have brain-computer linkages. It may even get to the point where we can tell from brain-scanning what a person's mindspace is. So we will be able to certifiably say that ‘this person is orange, this person is green, this person is turquoise.' It would come with a certain amount of authority and people would trust it. We've had a century of looking at our educational system as producing higher levels of consciousness, and I think it will take a century for people to get used to that. But once that happens it's just second nature that people will take into account the developmental altitude of another human being. When you have these dimensions of reality that are so real and so significant, it just can't keep happening that people overlook them."
"Virtually all world conflict today is one ethnocentric group versus another ethnocentric group."
"Democracy in its present form, one body/one vote, will be seen to future generations as primitive. Right now, Mother Teresa and Jack the Ripper would get the same say. What would happen if we stopped giving physical bodies a vote, but instead give a vote for each conscious perspective a person could take?"

Ken Wilber  in a recent interview with  Jeff Salzman

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