woensdag 30 juni 2021

laat je Universele Gift niet vergiftigen door je gedrag


Consider the example of a great artist, a genuine clairvoyant, or a mathematical genius: each of them possesses a gift. And what is a gift? It is an entity that lives in human beings and manifests itself through them. Of course, our contemporaries will never admit that talents and capabilities are entities that inhabit human beings. But how do they explain why people sometimes lose a talent they once had? It is precisely because this talent was a guest who wanted to take up residence in them, but as they created unpleasant conditions by giving over to the disorder born of their passions, their guest eventually left. This has happened to a great many people who, instead of preciously guarding the treasure entrusted to them, squandered it in a life of folly and intrigue. They assumed their talent was theirs to keep forever. No, unfortunately not. 
If you do not want to lose your gifts, if you want to enhance them or acquire others, you must prepare a suitable dwelling for these celestial entities: one of peace, harmony and silence. Only then will they come and make their home in you. 

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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