maandag 5 februari 2024

boodschap van de Kogi over wat gebeuren gaat als..


This urgent message was shared with us in consultation with the Kogi Mamos of Colombia (the older brothers) on November 17th 2023. They requested that it be shared in full with the world & the younger brothers in December 2023.
Please visit the LINK IN COMMENT
and share your email to stand with Mother Earth.
Please share this urgent message far and wide. Link in Comment.
This film was created by @wisdom.keepers in collaboration with and the mamos and elder counsel of the Kaggabba or Kogi nation of the high Sierra mountains in Colombia.
Original message: Kogi Nation
Film & Edit: @jeremywhelehan
Original Music: @roryro111
Voiceover & Translation: @motherwaters
Produced by: @wisdom.keepers &
Respect Love & gratitude

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