vrijdag 19 november 2021

'in vuur en vlam staan' met een koel hoofd!


To have a good understanding of fire, we must also understand air, for air and fire complement each other. Air, with its coolness, has a regulating power over fire. We find the same phenomenon within ourselves. How? We are travellers, journeying through space; to fulfil our destiny we need both heat and cold. The heat is within us in that internal boiler, complete with fuel, which we carry with us to heat us from within, for it is very cold outside, and the way is long; we need to keep this inner fire burning. As for the cold, it comes from without; it is the air which regulates the temperature. 
We could say that fire is love, and air is wisdom. Love is within us whereas wisdom is outside us, so that we may study it, contemplate it, and use it to regulate our inner fire. »

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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