zaterdag 15 juni 2019

one way

borrelend gas uit de aarde waar niets meer wil groeien, vulkaanactiviteit, zwavel, veel kooldioxide, een beetje hel op aarde, maar o zo schonend
dichtbij Schirnding 
So many people of faith beg the Lord to do away with evil spirits. But the Lord does not grant them their wish, because evil spirits are doing their job, they are authorized to tempt and mistreat them. It is up to the faithful to become more enlightened and stronger in order to avoid falling into their traps. Do you believe that it is the angels, the spirits of light, who are charged with putting humans to the test or going after them when they have done wrong? They have lots of other work to do! These thankless tasks are left to the spirits of inferior rank; it is they who are in charge of getting humans back onto the right track or making them suffer so that they may be strengthened by these difficulties. Since these spirits are servants, God will not eradicate them. Does a master exterminate his servants?
It is impossible to have a true idea about the question of evil if we do not start by admitting that the one we call Satan, the devil, or by whatever other name, is in fact in God’s service.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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