zaterdag 18 juli 2020

Materie zoekers vinden niet wat eigenlijk te zoeken is

The greatest danger for human beings is to seek most of their satisfaction on the physical plane, for they then become selfish, unjust, dishonest and even criminal. They are ready to embark on schemes and compromise their values in order to obtain a pay raise, a promotion, a bigger share of the market, or even an invitation to a social event. But even if they get what they want, what does their success really bring them? So many of them feel more dissatisfied than ever once they have achieved their goals. Not only have they wronged others but they are no happier themselves. None of this is very worthwhile.
Those who seek happiness in material things are like prospectors who sift through tons of sand to find a mere speck of gold. This is not very profitable either. In order to find gold in quantity, you must put matter aside a little and rise to great heights in the sun, in the spirit. 

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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