woensdag 14 maart 2018

Earth a friendly planet with lot of racist

« Racist theories are among the most criminal of human inventions. For no matter what ethnic group they belong to, every human being represents a cell of the great Cosmic Being. But, how can all these ‘cells’ be made to understand this, when they have remained at such a low level of consciousness that they feel foreign, even hostile, to each other. They cannot conceive of this unity to which they belong, and at the slightest opportunity their reactions and behaviour conflict with the whole. 
Instead, these anarchic cells must acknowledge that the whole of humanity is one and the same body, one and the same whole. When they succeed in doing so, every one of them will desire nothing other than a harmonious relationship with all the other cells representing the Sublime Being, the Creator. If they refuse, if they exclude others, in reality they exclude themselves from the whole. »

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

reactie van F. : 'En de diversiteit tussen rassen is kleiner dan de diversiteit binnen een ras 

commentaar: en de verschillen"tussen individuen is het grootst 
en als ze dat loslaten

is het weer  Eén

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