vrijdag 16 maart 2018

what is connecting You: to the lower shadow, higher or personality

« Human beings instinctively know that if they want to win the friendship or the love of someone, they have to use pleasant words, make compliments, give presents or flatter their vanity. And in doing so, they are obviously not addressing people’s higher nature. It is their lower nature they are caressing and feeding. How can anyone then be surprised when a relationship that was born in such conditions continues amidst misunderstandings, tension and confrontation? The desire to be loved and to have friends is undoubtedly sincere and commendable, but it must occur in the right conditions. If you wish to awaken in others a sincere, generous and lasting love, you must take into account their higher nature and learn to address it.
To love someone is not wanting to attract them to you under the pretext that you need them, but seeking all the time to enlighten and strengthen them. Such disinterested love, which will be so beneficial to this person, will in return bring you everything you wish for. »

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