zaterdag 31 maart 2018


Whenever there is something in me for my smaller me not well
I go There

And in meeting great Nature
I got understanding and help
By just meeting it

The greatness of greatness

Thank Wholeness

Try to be conscious of the value of those moments of silence and meditation when you receive light or a blessing from heaven. Many human beings suffer because they are not conscious of this. They receive blessings, and even if they happen to feel them, they quickly lose them because they do not know the value of what they have received. They think heaven is always there to pour out its light and love, and when they have nothing more interesting to do, they accept to stop a few minutes to receive them! 
But that is not the way it should be. Heaven is not at the disposal of thoughtless and careless people. At certain moments and in certain conditions, it pours out its blessings, and if you are not conscious enough to receive them or do not know how to keep them, too bad for you, you will lose them. So, be careful – the days you feel you have received a revelation or a blessing from heaven, try to hold on to it as something very precious for as long as possible. »

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