zondag 22 december 2019

overal alignments met de zon in heiligdommen: maar wat doet dat ter plaatse subtiel!!

The eminent Karnak temple complex in Luxor will be the venue for a solar alignment early Friday morning. The sun will be perfectly aligned in the middle of the temple’s eastern gate so that its light illuminates the courtyard and the sanctum of Amun, the ancient Egyptian god of the universe. The event makes for an exhilarating scene in one of Egypt’s most famous temples. 

The event only occurs twice a year: once during the winter solstice and once during the summer solstice. This Friday, being the winter solstice, will be the shortest day and longest night of the year. The temple will be free to access during this breathtaking event, which will begin at approximately 6:31 am and last for about two hours. 

Fayoum’s Karun Palace temple will also experience an illumination of its sacred rooms on Friday around 15 minutes after Karnak’s solar alignment

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