vrijdag 6 maart 2020

Andere theorie over de vliegende Josef

Een vriend van me zond me dit bericht over de vliegbewegingen van heilige Jozef
Het is geen onbekend gegeven dat de RK kerk veel mythen heeft gevormd en wie weet is dit gebeuren ook van dien aard.

Skeptics are not convinced that Saint Joseph possessed magical or paranormal powers. They have suggested that alleged eyewitness reports of his levitations are unreliable as they are subject to gross exaggeration, or written two years after his death.[3][4]
Robert D. Smith in his book Comparative Miracles(1965) suggested that Saint Joseph performed feats similar to a gymnast. Smith noted that some of his alleged levitations "originate from a leap, and not from a prone or simple standing or kneeling position, the witnesses mistook a leap of a very agile man for levitation."[5]
Skeptical investigator Joe Nickell concluded that:
Joseph’s most dramatic aerial traverses were launched by a leap—not by a simple slow rising while merely standing or kneeling—but, moreover, I find that they appear to have continued as just the sudden arcing trajectories that would be expected from bounding. They were never circuitous or spiraling flights like a bird’s. Invariably, Joseph’s propulsions began with a shout or scream, suggesting that he was not caused to leap by some force but choseto.[4]
Human poisoning due to the consumption of rye bread made from ergot-infected grain was common in Europe in the Middle Ages. It was known to cause convulsion symptoms and hallucinations. British academic John Cornwell has suggested that Saint Joseph had consumed rye bread (see ergot poisoning). According to Cornwell "Here, perhaps, lay the key to his levitations. After sampling his own loaves he evidently believed he was taking off."[

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