woensdag 11 juli 2018

alles reageert als een aardbeving in aantocht is door de opgebouwde spanning

“I observed strange electrical signals from a tomato plant in Taiwan five
days before the 2008 Sichuan M8.0 Earthquake. That opened my door
to quake forecast. Since then, I observed electrical signals of plants, tofu,
soil, water or air to predict earthquakes. I successfully predicted a lot of
quakes. Now I have about 30 quake forecast stations all over the world.
I will publish a series of papers to describe my discoveries in the past 10
years. This paper is the start of the series. I am Founder and CEO of
Taiwan Quake Forecast Institute.”

Dyson Lin
Taiwan Quake Forecast Institute
June 22, 2018

Met dank aan J.L.

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