dinsdag 10 januari 2017

inhoud versus leegte

ways of living dualiteit
“Kataphatic” prayer has content; it uses words, images, symbols, ideas. “Apophatic” prayer has no content. It means emptying the mind of words and ideas and simply resting in the presence of God. Centering prayer is apophatic. Ignatian prayer is mostly kataphatic.

- kataphatic practices” – contemplative techniques where the practitioner uses mental imagery, sensory stimuli, and emotions to try and achieve some religious goal. Mostly used in older and modern esoteric practices and later spiritual architecture.

- “apophatic practices” ones, which, although they may be pursuing the same goals, use very different techniques to achieve them: withdrawing from sensory input and attempting to empty the mind of any content, whether affective, linguistic, or imagery-related. More used by  religious practices and in building the older cathedrals of Chartres: an empty space

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