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Hoe worden de subtiele wezens genoemd in verschillende westerse culturen?

Steiner spreekt van elementaren en mijn leermeester heeft het over elementalen, omdat dat beter past bij de elementen en ik pas die term dan ook toe als het gaat om de 3D subtiele werelden.
Caitlín Matthews schreef daar onlangs een artikel over dat ik graag aanhaal:

The Hidden People’ is the name that the circumpolar people, the Sami, call the Faeries. It is a term that I also use, as it is the most respectful and neutral. The Hidden Ones have never liked being called by familiar or common names, and our ancestors were always very careful not to point to their dwellings or bring more attention to them. This kind of spoken respect is usually in very short supply today, where people go about calling them ‘fairies’ – which is often New Age speak for ‘a diminutive wish-fulfilling being,’ or the term ‘fay’ which brings to mind a stoned enchantress intent on spells or seduction.
That the Hidden People might have their own agenda, needs, and requirements may have passed some folk by, so it may be good to speak here of the protocols we need to observe: they are not much different from our own, but we need to meet them more formally and scrupulously, in the same way we would if we were engaging with a venerable person whom we deeply respected. This is generally a good guide to our own behaviour towards them. While we have become deeply informal with fellow humans, this same approach is not appreciated by the Hidden Ones. As you may gather, the first rule is respecting our neighbours: their places and boundaries should not be trespassed upon, built over, or polluted.
If they notice us and we them, then the rules of meeting are to formally acknowledge them with a kind greeting and enquiry after their good health, with a blessing, for we need to demonstrate our harmlessness and goodwill. If you want to show goodwill, then small offerings of food that you have personally made from the raw ingredients – biscuits, cakes, a drink you have brewed – offered in a clean bowl at a boundary point. This should be cleaned away and refreshed regularly, not left to rot.
If you enter into deeper territory, then you have to be even more careful: do not promise anything you cannot fulfil and upkeep forever – humans are known as faithless, treacherous beings to them. The kinds of ‘deals’ I have read some people talking about make my hair stand on end: the Hidden People are not yours to command, they are not going to bring you wealth, health and happiness just because you wish it; they are not going to become your faery lover and grant your sexual desires. The deeper you go into their world, the further you step from your own: some folk have traditionally become lost in time, while others – people I have known - have just lost their wits, drifting deeper into entanglements of their unsecured minds.
Any acquaintance with the Hidden Ones requires you to be utterly grounded, non-demanding, neutral, and careful. Just as you do not approach excitable animals like horses with lots of florid gesturing or with your body-field spiky with aggression, no more should you enter into the terrain of the Hidden Ones in such a manner. Make your prayer on the thresholds of their place, ‘I give greeting to the Hidden Ones who live within, I step carefully near their dwelling, I bring the harmlessness of a child in my heart. Peace be to all here.’
The Irish name for the Hidden Ones is the (older Irish, sidhe – pronounced shee, in both instances.) This means ‘the People of Peace.’ As the keepers of nature’s peace, the Hidden Ones deserve our respect; we must hold their places sacred to them. If you feel that you are able to enter into their peace without alarm, discord or offence, then you will pass without scathe through their realms, but never seek to disturb, disrupt, or speak badly of them. It is not a good idea!
Image: Helping to clear the Hidden People’s bridge in Iceland.

nb. In the New Forest we call them ,"The people who live under the ferns"

................................what is in a name......

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