dinsdag 14 februari 2017


A flicker of white light across the sky
As lightning cuts the clouds. The god is here,
A sword blade flashes by
And all the sky comes clear.
As near and far the clashing shields
Across celestial battlefields
Cast echoes through the night, but don’t destroy.
The god is fighting for the simple joy
The sweetness of pure movement, the delight
Of perfect action, flawless, self-contained.
The sky is cut in two
This night.
Its blood pours down on us as rain.
God, let our deeds be true.
And as the cities fill with restless crowds
Like heavy, lightning-bearing clouds,
Grant us the strength to fight
Like sheets of blinding light
And let us take no joy in causing pain
But only cut the sky to bring the rain.

 Christopher Scott Thompson

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