zondag 26 februari 2017

Female protest: Witches worldwide cast a bigly spell on Trump


Witches of the Waldkircher Kandelhexen witches' club celebrate the traditional witches sabbath at the market square of Waldkirch in Waldkirch, southern Germany, Saturday. Witches all over the world cast a spell on Donald Trump to cast him out of the White House. (AP/Michael Probst)

Witches worldwide cast the first mass spell of many on President Donald Trump Friday night in a magical bid to cast him out of the White House.

Local witch Oceanna, who works at Neighbourhood Witch in Halifax, said that she was not casting a spell but had asked for divine assistance “for the greater good.”

“There’s nothing organized right here,” said Oceanna, real name Kelly. “That could change and I wouldn’t be surprised if specific convents or groups are doing their own thing.”

While witches are discussing plans on social media, Oceanna said that she had seen debate online about whether or not casting a spell to bind Trump’s presidency was a good idea, one reason being that it may risk bad karma.

She said that witches, both in Nova Scotia and elsewhere, often would not mention whether or not they cast a spell as it is widely believed that rituals carry more power if they are not spoken about.

Witches are casting spells on the stroke of midnight on every waning crescent moon, the first being on Feb. 24. Spells will be cast using tower tarot cards, unflattering photos of Trump, water, salt, matches/lighters, ashtrays or dishes of sand, feathers, white candles, orange candle stubs and pins for inscribing his name on the stubs.

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