woensdag 9 januari 2019

Every day a shit day or cleaning day

We are here partly and for most of us on this earth to clear and clean our dirty Roots.
And not to make more dirt that hurts others, inclusive all livings on this Planet.
And everyone has to clean up his own dirt.
Some do that by illnesses, poor living conditions, becoming victim of all what can make you a victim etc.
And you cannot help them until they have cleaned their own shit!

So look good ad helpers and the do-gooders, what they are cleaning up and give them the space to do their Honourable work!   And make  them also awake of their own shit when they want to know that…and there are very little people who really want to know…..     
And the one on the Dirty Path are mostly ignorant that that was a long path they had walked towards this moment and they really missed the choice to walk different. Just mirror them, mirror them etc.   

Sometimes I and we see
The shit around us
And we cannot help
Because it is their work!         

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