maandag 26 november 2018

Odin's mountain as it was called than, now Steinberg in Hohenberg

Odin’s mountain in Fichtelgebirge
Sometimes the Memory of Place brings you back to your own memory.
This holy meadow in Hohenberg’s Steinberg as it is still known, was till late Middle Ages with a beautiful sight to Bohemen a sacred space for the old religion and even later for the gypsies and Yews.
Sacred old rituals where done on holy moments of the sun and moon year with sacred sacrifices of nearly born children.
Pans Odin priest meats on the sacred stone the Goddess priestess and their holy child was nine months later given back to the new coming light on the midwinter.
I let flow the souls of the kids which where still kept by the earth as a gift of than.
Now my son is back alive.

now I live on the feet of this old holy vulcano mountain
on a farm build in the energyflow of its old river Menslo
it brought me back here
but now not as a servant
but as a free man with another worldvieuw
........and the ravens are still there and welcoming
nice to meet mountain.........

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