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mystieke ervaring kenmerken

zondag 21 juli 2019

Seven Characteriestis of Mystical Experiences.

"1. Ineffability (inability to capture the experience in ordinary language). 

2. Noetic quality (the notion that mystical experiences reveal an otherwise hidden or inaccessible knowledge). 
3. Transiency (the simple fact that mystical experiences last for a relatively brief period of time).

4. Passivity (the sense that mystical experiences happen to someone; that they are somehow beyond the range of human volition and control). 
5. Unity of opposites (a sense of Oneness, Wholeness or Completeness).

6. Timelessness (a sense that mystical experiences transcend time).

7. A feeling that one has somehow encountered “the true self” (a sense that mystical experiences reveal the nature of our true, cosmic self: one that is beyond life and death, beyond difference and duality, and beyond ego and selfishness)."
Drawing on his personal experiences and research into mysticism, Douglas W. Shrader writes in 2007 about the "Seven Characteriestis of Mystical Experiences." 

Douglas W. Shrader (1953 – 2010) was Distinguished Teaching Professor of Philosophy at SUNY Oneonta.  He authored numerous publications, including Near-Death Experiences: Scientific, Philosophical, and Religious Perspectives (1995) and Seven Characteristics of Mystical Experiences (2007).


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